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the Arnett Institute, Inc
The Arnett Institute Inc was established in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation for the purpose of researching and preserving history for educational purposes.
It is not a social, religious, fraternal, labor, political, veteran or discriminatory organization. It has no membership, nor does it serve as a marketing tool for other organizations.
Mission Statement: To research, document, present and preserve events of historical and educational value.
Our historical focus is World War II, though we aren't limited to that by any means. Same goes for our medium of choice, which is not limited to the world wide web. That just happens to be where we currently are focused.
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About Us
About the founder, Anna Arnett and her sons that make up the board of the Arnett Institute.
Our Projects... website
Our showcase project documents the missions, crews, aircraft and stories of the 492nd Bomb Group, which flew out of North Pickenham, England, during World War II.
WWII Scanning Project
We are currently working on establishing a partnership with the National Archives and building a team in the Washington DC area that will scan their WWII military records, making it all available online to families and historians.
Crew 713 documentary film
CREW 713 is a modern retelling of the WWII documentary genre. Dallas filmmaker Alejandro Mena's homage to his father's service as a member of the O'Sullivan Crew # 713, the first crew from the bloody, violent and short-lived 492nd Bomb Group to successfully complete a 30 mission combat tour.
Online Forever project
We took steps to ensure that our website will be online indefinitely and can now allow websites of historical and educational value to affordably do the same through us.
Arizona Liberator Group
An association of Arizona veterans that served on B-24 crews in WWII. Since 1991 they and their families have been meeting annually to do lunch and swap stories.
dotWWII project
Our ultimate goal is to create and oversee a .WWII sponsored top level domain for all World War II related websites.
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